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VIA Nano benchmarks: Kind of, sort of faster than Intel Atom

Sascha at Eee PC has posted some new information about the upcoming VIA Nano CPU. The Nano (formerly known as Isaiah) is VIA’s replacement for the C7-M CPU. The low power chip is well positioned to do battle with the Intel Atom processor in the low-cost ultraportable computer market. But how does the Nano […]

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Peeking under the hood of the VIA OpenBook

Sure, VIA may have published all the specs for its new OpenBook reference design online. But nothing beats a good video of the insides of a new laptop. So VIA’s Tim Brown shot a little notebook looks like with its case taken apart. The OpenBook isn’t in production yet, so we’re looking at a prototype […]

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Hands on with the VIA Openbook – Video

As I mentioned yesterday, Sascha from Eee PC has been spending some quality time with a prototype VIA Openbook. The Openbook is a reference design VIA has published that will let laptop makers create low-cost, ultraportable laptops using VIA processors. Eventually Openbook-based machines will probably use the upcoming VIA Nano CPU, but the prototype […]

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VIA OpenBook reference design: Meet the new nanobook

Chip maker VIA has introduced the new OpenBook reference design for low cost, light weight ultraportable laptops. The company’s earlier Nanobook reference design was the basis for a number of ultraportables, the most recognizable probably being the Everex Cloudbook. So it’s not that surprising to see that the previously announced Cloudbook Max (due out in […]

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Surcouf La Révolution: Overpriced French Nanobook

France’s Surcouf plans to launch an ultraportable notebook that looks a lot like the Everex Cloudbook because they’re both built on the same VIA Nanobook reference design. But just so you don’t confuse La Révolution with the Cloudbook, this one comes in white or gold. Or at least, it’s got some gold coloring. I’m going […]