Lilbits 342: Facebook’s next device might be for your TV

Facebook’s probably on your phone. You might use it on your computer from time to time. And the company recently introduced a smart speaker/display/video calling gadget called Facebook Portal that puts Facebook in your living room, kitchen, or anywhere else in your house. So what’s next? According to a report from Cheddar, Facebook wants to […]

Vertu is auctioning off its luxury phones (but they’re still pretty pricey)

Luxyr phone maker Vertu pretty much closed up shop last month, shutting down its manufacturing facility in the UK. Now the company is auctioning off some of the remaining inventory, which means you can get a phone that’s just overpriced instead of wildly overpriced. Items up for auction include gold-plated phones, BlackBerry clones, and several […]

Luxury phone maker Vertu is going out of business (for now, at least)

Vertu has been making ridiculously expensive smartphones for almost two decades. But the company is liquidating its assets, shutting down its UK-based manufacturing arm, and laying off almost 200 people. Apparently selling smartphones for tens of thousands of dollars isn’t as solid a business model today as it was… whenever it was, I guess. The […]

Vertu’s cheapest smartphone is still a $4,200 status symbol

Luxury phone maker Vertu offers phones that are hand-crafted and made from unusual materials including leather an Italian fabric. But with the possible exception of last year’s Vertu Signature Touch, most Vertu phones feature dated or underpowered hardware… especially when you consider the astronomical prices the company charges for its phones: the Signature Touch sells for $9,000 […]

Vertu Signature Touch: This is what an $11,000 smartphone looks like

Buy an unlocked, top-tier smartphone from Samsung, HTC, Sony or Apple and you’ll probably spend over $600. But that’s chump change compared to the price of a smartphone from premium phone maker Vertu. The British company’s latest phone will £6,750. That’s more than $11,000. If you can afford a Vertu Signature Touch, it should be available this […]