Daily Deals (7-21-2020)

Verizon is running a sale on smartphone accessories including headphones and speakers, chargers, batteries, screen protectors and car mounts, among other things. Here’s how it works — add 3 items to your cart and save 30-percent on the total order. Buy 4 items and you save 35-percent. Or pick up 5 or more items to […]

Lilbits 401: Killer networking

Intel has acquired Rivet Networks, the company behind the Killer WiFi and Ethernet line of networking hardware. As AnandTech notes, the two companies had been working closely together in recent years, making the move somewhat unsurprising. In other Intel news, some leaked benchmarks paint a promising picture of the company’s upcoming Tiger Lake processors with […]

Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab A 8.4 is a $280 Android tablet with 4G LTE

Samsung’s latest mid-range Android tablet features an 8.4 inch, 1920 x 1200 pixel display, an octa-core processor, 3GB of RAM, and 32GB of storage. The new Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.4″ (2020)isn’t exactly an iPad or Surface killer. But with a $280 price tag, it’s one of the most affordable options for folks looking for a […]

Verizon’s new Yahoo Mobile wireless plans offer “unlimited” data for $40 per month

It’s been a long time since Yahoo was one of the top internet properties. But Verizon, which acquired the company a few years back, is slapping the Yahoo name on a new wireless service plan for some reason. Yahoo Mobile actually looks pretty good on paper. Pay $40 per month and get unlimited talk, text, and […]

Motorola brings 5G support to a 2-year-old phone (when you buy a $349 add-on)

Motorola is the only smartphone maker that’s really made use of a modular system that lets you add new features to existing phones by swapping out modules. Moto Mods let you add a big battery, a better speaker, a new camera, or even a projector to supported phones. This year Motorola and Verizon also began […]

Verizon’s first 5G MiFi mobile hotspot costs $650 (data not included)

The first 5G wireless networks are starting to come online, and the first 5G-capable smartphones are starting to hit the market. Now Verizon is also launching its first 5G mobile hotspot which you can use to connect a laptop, tablet, or other devices to Verizon’s high-speed cellular network. It comes at a cost though — […]