Lilbits (7-24-2014): Fire TV sales exceed Amazon’s expectations

Amazon has gotten into hardware in a big way over the past few years. The company’s first smartphone ships this week, and Kindle eReaders and tablets are among Amazon’s best-selling products. This year Amazon also launched its first smart TV box, the Fire TV. It’s hard to know just how many of those products Amazon […]

SteamBoy could bring PC gaming to your pocket with a handheld Steam Machine

The first Steam Machines gaming computers featuring Valve’s SteamOS operating system are expected to launch in 2015. But if you thought SteamOS was only designed to bring PC games to the living room with the help of gaming desktop PCs, the folks behind the SteamBoy hope to prove you wrong. They’re working on a handheld […]

Valve’s Steam Machines gaming PCs launch pushed back to 2015

Game maker and gaming platform operator Valve says the first Steam Machines gaming PCs will probably launch in 2015, not this year as had been expected. The company is developing a Linux-based operating system called SteamOS which is tied to the company’s Steam game store, as well as a Steam Controller game controller which is designed to make […]

Lilbits (1-23-2014): Talking to Chrome

Google Android users can search the web or launch actions on their phones or tablets by tapping a microphone icon and then speaking. If you have a Google Nexus 5 or other supported device you don’t even have to tap — just say “OK Google” to get started (when you’re on the home screen). A […]

Lilbits (12-16-2013): Paranoid Android aims to make Google’s software better

Google might develop new versions of Android behind closed doors, but after (nearly) every build is launched, Google releases the source code. That’s prompted independent developers to pore of the code, looking for ways to fine tune Google’s mobile operating system. Paranoid Android is a custom version of Android based on Google’s source code. The […]

Lilbits (12-11-2013): Setting Windows Phone, RT free (for device makers)

It’s hard to compete with free. Google currently dominates the smartphone space by giving away its Android operating system for free to anyone that wants to install it. If Google makes money from Android, it’s largely due to revenue from apps sold in the Play Store and the increased use of Google services by Android […]

Valve’s Steam Controller rethinks gamepads, coming to Steam Machines next year

Valve plans to launch a platform that could chance the face of PC gaming in 2014. SteamOS is a Linux-based operating system designed for PC gaming in the living room. Users will be able to access thousands of games through the Steam Platform while sitting on a couch. Meanwhile, the company is partnering with hardware […]