Compare handheld gaming PC specs (Steam Deck, AYA Neo, GPD Win Max and Win 3, ONEXPLAYER and OneGx1 Pro)

Handheld gaming hardware is getting interesting. Nintendo has largely dominated the space for decades, first with its Game Boy devices and more recently with its Switch line of consoles. But as more people have taken to gaming on their phones we’ve also seen a rise in vsmartphones designed for gamers. Meanwhile another trend has been […]

Valve Steam Deck is a $399 handheld gaming PC (coming in December, pre-orders open July 16)

Valve is getting into the handheld gaming space with the launch of the new¬†Steam Deck. It’s basically a gaming computer that you can hold in your hands… or a PC that looks a bit like a Nintendo Switch. The Steam Deck goes up for pre-order starting July 16th, 2021 at 1:00PM Eastern, with prices starting […]