Vaio unveils a premium tablet prototype… for Japan

Sony may have sold off it Vaio PC business, but that doesn’t mean the Vaio brand is dead. The new Vaio corporation started selling its own laptops this summer. Now the company is showing off a prototype of a premium Windows tablet which looks like it could be an alternative to the Microsoft Surface Pro […]

VAIO is back in the PC game, this time without Sony (or international sales)

Now that Sony has spun off its VAIO PC business as a separate company, the new VAIO is back in business. The company unveiled its first new laptops at an event in Tokyo… and they look just like the old Sony VAIO line of laptops. The difference is they don’t have the Sony name on them… […]

VAIO Corporation will finish separating from Sony in July

Sony announced plans in February to sell its VAIO PC business to Japan Industrial Partners. Now it looks like the transition should be complete by July 1st. That’s when a new entity called VAIO Corporation is expected to launch… and when Sony will officially be out of the PC business. The Japanese electronics manufacturer has […]

Mysterious Sony tablet visits the FCC

Sony recently introduces a range of new Windows 8 and Android tablet including the Sony Vaio Duo, Sony Vaio Tap20, and Sony Xperia Tablet S. But since the company hasn’t shared the detailed model numbers for those devices it’s a bit tough to tell exactly what we’re looking at in a new FCC listing. Basically, […]

Sony to layoff 10,000 people, merge PC, tablet, phone divisions

Sony has announced a major restructuring effort which will involve eliminating 10,000 jobs, emphasizing its strongest products including gaming and digital imaging products such as cameras, and merging its PC, tablet, and phone departments. Right now Sony’s smartphones, Sony Tablet, and Sony VAIO PCs are housed in different departments. Under the new plan the research and development, […]

How to build your own (fake) Sony Vaio netbook

Tired of waiting for Sony to launch the Vaio P mini-laptop, or don’t feel like paying the premium price that typically comes with the Vaio name? Well you can just build your own Sony Vaio Netbook. And by build, I mean slap a Vaio logo on an Asus Eee PC.  It looks like this hack […]