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CompuLab launches Utilite2: Tiny ARM-based Ubuntu/Android PC

CompuLab is updating its Utilite line of tiny, low-power desktop computers. The new Utilite2 is 30 percent smaller than last year’s Utilite. But the company says the new model offers up to twice the performance, thanks to a more powerful processor. The Utilite2 can run Ubuntu or Android software, has fanless aluminum case, and features […]

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Utilite ARM-based Linux PC now available for $99 and up

Compulab’s Utilite is a tiny computer with a Freescale i.MX6 processor and support for Android and Ubuntu Linux. While Freescale’s ARM Cortex-A9 processor isn’t exactly a speed demomn, it’s relatively Linux-friendly and comes in single, dual, and quad-core versions. Compulab offers Utilite models with each processor type, with prices for the single-core version starting at […]

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Utilite ARM-based Linux computer coming in August for $99 and up

Compulab plans to launch a mini-computer with an ARM Cortex-A9 processor and support for both Ubuntu Linux and Google Android. It’s called the Utilite, and the computer’s expected to go on sale in August for $99 and up. The base model will feature a Freescale i.M6 single-core processor, but dual and quad-core versions will also […]