Lilbits: Single board PCs, under-display cameras, and YouTube angers… everyone

It’s been a few years since Asus launched its first Raspberry Pi-like single-board computer aimed at makers, and the Asus Tinker Board platform hasn’t exactly exploded since then. But the company has made a few updates to the series over the years, with a Tinker Board S, Tinker Board R and Tinker Edge T, and […]

Universal Stylus Initiative launches certification program (open standard for digital pens)

It’s been five years since the Universal Stylus Initiative first launched as an effort to standardize digital pen technology with a new open standard that could be adopted by a wide range of stylus and device makers. But it’s taken a little while for things to take off — version 1.0 of the USI specification […]

Google, 3M, and others join the Universal Stylus Initiative

One of the biggest differences between modern tablets and smartphones and most of those that were available before 2007 is that you don’t need to use a stylus. Most modern devices with touchscreen displays use capacitive touch technology that allows you to touch, type, tap, or swipe using a fingertip. But that doesn’t mean the […]

Universal Stylus Initiative aims to simplify your choice of digital pens

A group of technology companies including Intel, Wacom, Synaptics, and Lenovo want to make it easier for you to buy a digital pen and know that it’ll work with your tablet of choice… eventually. The companies are forming a new organization called the Universal Stylus Iniative (USI) which hopes to create an promote an industry […]