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DockCase Smart Hub is an 8-in-1 USB-C dock with a display that shows you what it’s doing (crowdfunding)

A good USB-C dock will let you connect displays, keyboards, mice, game controllers, and all sort of other gear to a computer with a single cable. But the new DockCase Smart Hub does more than that. Thanks to a 1.54 inch display and a custom operating system, the Smart Hub can display data to let […]

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Lilbits: Stadia comes to Chromecast and Android TV, OnePlus teases a $250 5G phone, and more

When Google’s Stadia game streaming service first launched, the only way to stream games to a TV was to use a Chromecast Ultra 4K media streamer. Then Google discontinued that device and introduced the cheaper and generally more versatile $50 Chromecast with Google TV. But one thing you couldn’t do with the newer model? Stream […]

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Connect Plus lets you charge Android, iOS devices simultaneously (crowdfunding)

You’d be surprised at how many people have multiple devices with different types of charging ports. It isn’t just a matter of iOS versus Android either. For example, I have an iPhone, which uses a Lightning connector, but my external battery case needs a micro USB connector to charge up. Connect Plus is a keychain […]

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Lenovo Power Hub combines a laptop charger and USB hub

Lenovo has just introduced a new laptop accessory called a Power Hub. Basically it’s a single device for charging your laptop — and for connecting up to four USB peripherals. Of course, with a retail price of $74.99, it might be cheaper to pick up a generic USB hub and laptop charger. But there’s something […]

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Apricorn launches Aegis NetDock: Hard drive, disc drive and USB hub

The Apricorn Aegis NetDock is a USB docking station for netbooks and notebooks that offers three things that mini-laptops are often short on: extra hard drive space, an optical disc drive, and extra USB ports. The company first introduced the NetDock in March, but it’s now shipping, and the folks at Apricorn were kind enough […]