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Does anybody actually buy $500 USB flash drives (even if they have 1TB or more?)

Kingston launched the first commercially available 2TB USB flash drive last year, but if you want to get your hands on one, you’ll have to pay at least $1,400. If that’s too rich for your blood, there’s a cheaper 1TB version that sells for “just $730.” Today’s a slow news day, so I found myself […]

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Micron kills off Lexar flash drives, storage cards, and other products

Say goodbye to the Lexar brand of removable storage products. Parent company Micron Technology is “discontinuing its Lexar retail removable storage business.” That means you won’t see new Lexar-branded USB flash drives, SD cards, card readers, or other memory products. I suspect it’ll take a while before stores sell out of any remaining inventory though, […]

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Kingston launches a 2TB USB flash drive

Sometimes you need to transfer some data from device to device, so you plug in a USB flash drive to copy a few movies, documents, or other files. And sometimes… you want to transfer more data than your computer can hold. That’s where Kingston’s new USB flash drives come in. Kingston has unveiled the world’s […]

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Android M includes native file browser for USB flash drives

Want to use a USB flash drive with your Android phone or tablet? Plenty of Android devices can recognize a flash drive… but since Android doesn’t have a built-in file browser, up until now you’ve needed to use a third-party app to actually explore the flash drive. Google’s changing that with Android M. Now when you insert […]

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PNY launches LEGO USB flash drive… which you can build things with

Novelty USB flash drives are a dime a dozen (almost literally… cheap USB flash drives are really cheap these days). But PNY has found a way to produce a portable storage device that stands out by partnering with beloved toy maker LEGO. The new PNY LEGO USB flash drives are fully compatible with regular LEGO bricks, so […]