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Framework Laptop’s updated DisplayPort and HDMI expansion modules consume less power (you can also update existing modules)

Framework’s Laptops are designed to be repairable, upgradable, and modular – the mainboard features a series of USB-C connectors that allow you to connect expansion modules depending on whether you want HDMI, DisplayPort, USB, Ethernet, audio, or storage in each slot. The upshot is that you get to decide exactly which ports you want, and […]

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Samsung promises “up to” four major Android updates for some devices (and five years of security updates)

Samsung is introducing its latest flagship phones and tablets today… but the company is also making a new promise: some Galaxy devices will now receive as many as four major Android and Samsung One UI updates and up to five years of security updates. That puts Samsung at the head of the pack when it […]

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Fairphone’s new camera modules let you upgrade the Fairphone 3

When Dutch smartphone maker Fairphone introduced the Fairphone 3 last year, the social enterprise company described it as a modular phone built using ethically-sourced materials. Up until now that modular design meant you could buy replacement parts if you needed to repair or replace the screen, camera, battery, headphone jack, or other components. But now […]

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Amazon Kindle updates: new colors and more storage (maybe)

This month Amazon added two new color options for the Kindle Paperwhite: in addition to buying the company’s 6 inch eReader with a high-resolution display in black or blue, you can now get sage or plum color options. But that might not be the only change in the Kindle lineup. Some customers who purchase the […]

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Fairphone 2 is still getting Android updates 5 years after launch (Android 9 Beta now available)

Fairphone’s smartphones aren’t like most other phones. The Dutch company emphasizes the use of ethically-sourced materials in its phones, designs its devices to be easily repairable, and to last a long time. So while Fairphone has only released three smartphones in the past 7 years, it’s nice to see that the company’s second phone is […]

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Windows 7 support is ending — what do you do now?

Microsoft is pulling the plug on Windows 7 support, which means that the decade-old operating system will get its final security update today. You can continue using Windows 7 indefinitely — aside from a nag screen that will likely pop up to let you know support has ended, nothing will change. But Windows 7 will likely […]

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Pinebook Linux laptop CPU upgrade kits coming in 2020

Some laptops let you upgrade the memory or storage… although that’s a feature that’s becoming less common on modern thin and light notebook computers. But very few laptops support CPU upgrades — typically you’re stuck with the processor that came with your laptop. Surprisingly one of the few exceptions to the rule may be one […]

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Microsoft’s new Surface Laptop is repairable… just not by you

When Microsoft revealed the new Surface Laptop 3 yesterday, the company’s chief product officer revealed that it would be easier to repair than any previous model. During an on-stage demo, Panos Panay lifted the keyboard off the laptop to reveal its innards. He did clarify that some screws would normally need to be removed to […]

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Microsoft introduces a $1199 Surface Book 2 with a 128GB SSD ($300 cheaper than the 256GB model)

Microsoft is cutting prices (and features) for some of its latest Surface devices. Last year the company started selling an entry-level Surface Pro tablet that didn’t come with a Surface Pen for folks that wanted to save some money and didn’t mind the missing feature. Now the company is selling a $799 Surface Laptop with […]