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Now you can root the Oculus Go VR headset

The Oculus Go virtual reality headset was discontinued last summer, and while Facebook’s parent company Meta has promised to continue releasing security updates and bug fixes through 2022, the company has stopped accepting new apps for the platform. But a few months ago the company opened the door to allowing the Oculus Go to live […]

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Unlocked Oculus Go software released, making the VR headset hacker-friendly

As promised, Oculus has released an unlocked version of the operating system for the discontinued Oculus Go, which could breathe new life into the inexpensive virtual reality headset. You can find  a download link and installation instructions at the Oculus Developers blog. The unlocked Oculus Go OS has all the same features as the last […]

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Moto X Pure Edition is a $400 unlocked phone… and the only new Moto X coming to the US

Motorola unveiled three new smartphones during a global press event today. There’s a new Moto G budget phone and two new Moto X premium phones. But it turns out only one of those Moto X variants will be available in the US. This fall you’ll be able to buy a Moto X Pure Edition for […]

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Motorola introduces Moto X Pure Edition unlocked smartphone for $499

Like the look of Motorola’s new Moto X smartphone, but don’t want to sign up for a 2-year service contract to get one? No problem. Motorola is offering a Moto X Pure Edition which is available off-contract for $500. The Moto X Pure Edition isn’t just contract-free though. It’s also SIM unlocked and has an unlockable […]

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Unlocking your cellphone in the US is about to become legal (again)

Congress has approved a bill which will make it legal to unlock a cellphone in the United States so you can use it with a different wireless carrier. That was actually legal from 2006 through 2012… but only due to an exemption from the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DCMA) which has been in effect since […]

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Huawei begins selling unlocked phones in the US

One of China’s biggest smartphone makers isn’t exactly a big name in the United States yet. But Huawei hopes to change that, and one part of the company’s strategy appears to be a new online storefront where customers can order unlocked phones straight from Huawei. It’s easier than getting wireless carriers to offer your phone, […]

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ZaReason ZaTab ZT2 is a $299 hackable Android tablet

Linux system builder ZaReason has introduced its second Android tablet. The new ZaReason ZaTab ZT2 is now available for $299. It has a higher-resolution display, faster processor, more RAM, and a lower price tag than last year’s model, but it’s still kind of pricey and underpowered compared with other Android tablets on the market. What […]

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BLU’s unlocked Android 4.2 smartphones start shipping for $230 and up

Budget smartphone maker BLU’s latest Android smartphones feature quad-core processors, Android 4.2 software, and relatively low price tags. The BLU Life Play is now available from Amazon and eBay for $229.99 — and that’s the price for an unlocked, dual SIM phone. BLU will launch two new models, the Life One and Life View soon […]