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Ubuntu Phone gains landscape support, paves way for mouse and keyboard support

Canonical is rolling out an over-the-air update for smartphones running its Ubuntu software. Ubuntu OTA-5 adds one key new feature, a few smaller features and bug fixes, and lays the groundwork for a very important new feature that probably won’t work on most phones currently running Ubuntu software. Screen rotation First up is support for […]

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Lilbits (8-20-2014): Intel partners with Unity to court Android game developers

While most Android phones, tablets, and other devices are powered by ARM-based processors, there are a growing number of Android devices with Intel inside. After reviewing a few recent tablets with Intel Atom Bay Trail chips, I’m convinced that Intel has largely caught up with ARM in the mobile space: tablets like the Asus MeMO […]

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Unity 5 will bring plugin-free games to the web

The next version of the Unity game engine is up for pre-order, and it will be available for game developers this year. The platform brings support for advance graphics, a new audio architecture, and a new WebGL add-on that will allow users to play games in a web browser without installing any plugins. Games developed […]

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Ubuntu 12.10 may get GNOME Flavoring (along with Unity, KDE, etc)

Up until a few years ago Ubuntu Linux used the GNOME desktop environment which provided the basic look and feel to the desktop and toolbar as well as a series of default apps. But starting with Ubuntu 11.04, GNOME was replaced with the Unity user interface which was built by the Ubuntu developers. Users who […]

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System76 Linux netbooks to stick with Ubuntu 10.04 for now

Canonical released the latest version of Ubuntu Linux this weekend, to much fanfare. But while Ubuntu 10.10 is the latest… not everyone is convinced it’s the greatest. Linux computer system builders System76 has decided it wont’t be offering netbooks with Ubuntu 10.10. Instead, the company’s Starling Netbook will continue to ship with Ubuntu 10.04. The […]

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Ubuntu Light: Netbook operating system boots in 7 seconds

Ubuntu is a full-fledged Linux distribution that provides all the tools you’ve come to expect from a desktop operating system, including a web browser, office suite, communication and security features, and the ability to run thousands of third party apps. But like Windows, OS X, or any other desktop operating system, it can take a […]