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Lilbits: Samsung’s One UI comes to Wear OS watches, Xbox Cloud Gaming comes to Windows 10 and iOS (via the web)

Last month Samsung and Google announced plans to merge their smartwatch platforms into a single, unified platform bringing the best of Google’s Wear OS and Samsung’s Tizen. Now Samsung is giving us an idea of what next-gen Galaxy smartwatches running the new software will look like. Among other things, Samsung is promising updates to the […]

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Ubuntu 17.04 released… as developers prepare to make GNOME the default desktop in 2018

Ubuntu’s been in the news a bit lately due to the decision to drop the Unity desktop environment, give up on smartphones and tablets, and switch to the GNOME desktop by this time next year. But today Canonical released the latest stable build of Ubuntu, and it still very much features the Unity desktop experience […]

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Ubuntu’s Unity desktop environment may live on… as a third-party fork

Canonical has announced that it’s abandoning plans to develop versions of the Ubuntu operating system that run on smartphones and tablets… and that means the company is also giving up on the Unity desktop environment that was supposed to provide a “convergence” experience no matter what type of device you were using. Starting with Ubuntu 18.04, […]

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Ubuntu 18.04 to feature GNOME desktop by default (DisUnity?)

After years of working on a user interface designed to run across phones, tablets, and desktop computers, the developers of the Ubuntu operating system have decided to shift focus. Starting next year, the default desktop environment for Ubuntu will be GNOME rather than Unity. Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth says the  change will start with the […]

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Ubuntu 16.10 launches with a preview of canonical’s converged desktop

Ubuntu 16.10 Yakkety Yak is ready for download, which isn’t that surprising: there’s a new version of Ubuntu every 6 months. But the latest version includes a glimpse of the future: there’s a preview of the Unity 8 desktop environment. What makes Unity 8 interesting is that it’s basically the same user interface that’s already available […]

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Facebook and Unity partnership could bring more games to Facebook (and desktop PCs)

Game development platform Unity has announced a partnership with Facebook, allowing game makers to use Unity’s tools to publish games to Facebook. That means developers can use the same tools to create games for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and Facebook’s web-based social network. But earlier this year the company launched a beta version of a […]

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Ubuntu’s Unity desktop environment can run in Windows (but not very well)

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update coming in August includes an unusual feature aimed at developers: an Ubuntu sub-system that lets you run Linux software using a command-line interface. Preview versions have been available since April, and while Microsoft and Canonical worked together to bring support for the Bash terminal to Windows 10, it didn’t take […]

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Ubuntu Phone gains landscape support, paves way for mouse and keyboard support

Canonical is rolling out an over-the-air update for smartphones running its Ubuntu software. Ubuntu OTA-5 adds one key new feature, a few smaller features and bug fixes, and lays the groundwork for a very important new feature that probably won’t work on most phones currently running Ubuntu software. Screen rotation First up is support for […]

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Lilbits (8-20-2014): Intel partners with Unity to court Android game developers

While most Android phones, tablets, and other devices are powered by ARM-based processors, there are a growing number of Android devices with Intel inside. After reviewing a few recent tablets with Intel Atom Bay Trail chips, I’m convinced that Intel has largely caught up with ARM in the mobile space: tablets like the Asus MeMO […]

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Unity 5 will bring plugin-free games to the web

The next version of the Unity game engine is up for pre-order, and it will be available for game developers this year. The platform brings support for advance graphics, a new audio architecture, and a new WebGL add-on that will allow users to play games in a web browser without installing any plugins. Games developed […]