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Unihertz Tank 2 smartphone has a 15,500mAh battery and a built-in laser projector

The Unihertz Tank 2 is a smartphone with a massive 15,500 mAh battery that should be good for days or even weeks of runtime, a rugged case, and a laser projector function that lets you use the phone as a portable presentation or movie screening machine. Whether it’s actually a good phone or projector remains to […]

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Unihertz Luna smartphone has Nothing Phone (1) style lights on the back

Unihertz has released several BlackBerry-inspired smartphones over the past few years. Now the company is drawing inspiration from something a bit more modern. The Unihertz Luna is an Android phone with a 6.81 inch display, a 108P camera, and a set of LED lights that illuminate the back of the phone with RGB lighting effects to […]

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Unihertz Jelly 2E is a cheaper smartphone with a 3 inch display

While most smartphone makers have largely been focused on bigger screens, faster processors, and better cameras in recent years, Unihertz has been swimming against the tide with a series of niche devices like the Titan line of phones-with-keyboards and the Jelly and Atom lines of small-screen smartphones. The company’s newest entry is the Unihertz Jelly […]

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Unihertz Titan Slim smartphone with BlackBerry-style keyboard hits Kickstarter for $249 and up

The Unihertz Titan Slim is a modern smartphone with one significant retro feature: it has a physical keyboard that looks like something ripped off of a BlackBerry phone. Now available for pre-order through a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, the Titan Slim is the latest in a line of niche phones from Unihertz, a company that also […]

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Unihertz Titan Slim packs a QWERTY keyboard but comes up short

Unihertz has never been opposed to taking risks with smartphone designs and its upcoming Titan Slim is no exception. While the phone has yet to hit Kickstarter a few early reviews are in… and they’re not too flattering. The Titan Slim looks like a pretty standard QWERTY update. Its elongated body bolts a physical keyboard […]

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Lilbits: The latest Unihertz BlackBerry clone, why Pebble failed, and a dip in PC shipments

Unihertz plans to launch a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign soon for a modern phone with some retro-inspired features including a BlackBerry-style physical keyboard. The upcoming Unihertz Titan Slim will be the latest in a line of unusual phones from Unihertz, which has made a habit of releasing niche smartphones aimed at fans of old-school features like […]

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Lilbits: A smartphone with a smartwatch on the back, mini PCs, and Linux for phones, PCs, and servers

Over the past few years Unihertz has made a habit of zagging in the smartphone space when the rest of the world is zigging. Looking for a BlackBerry-style phone with a physical keyboard? There’s the Unihertz Titan. Want a small screen? Check out the Jelly, Atom, or Titan Pocket lines. But the upcoming Unihertz TickTock […]

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Lilbits: An ePaper dev board, a small(er) BlackBerry clone, and Amazon’s continued crackdown on pay-to-play reviews

Another day, another set of products disappeared from the Amazon website as the company continues to take actions against sellers that pay for positive user reviews. This time it looks like TaoTronics and Vava devices have been removed… which is unsurprising since they share the same parent company as RAVPower, whose products were also removed […]

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Unihertz Titan Pocket is a unicorn: Smartphone with a small screen and physical keyboard (crowdfunding)

The Unihertz Titan Pocket is a rugged smartphone with a 3.1 inch square display positioned above a QWERTY keyboard. It’s available for pre-order for about $221 and up through a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, and the phone should begin shipping to backers in September, 2021. 

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Unihertz Titan Pocket is a smartphone for fans of keyboards and small phones (crowdfunding)

There haven’t been many smartphones with physical keyboards since BlackBerry exited the mobile phone business. But a few years ago Unihertz launched an Android-powered BlackBerry clone called the Unihertz Titan. Now the company is getting ready to launch a newer, smaller model called the Unihertz Titan Pocket. Like the original Titan, the new Titan Pocket […]