Oppo’s smartphone prototype has under-glass camera, no ports or buttons

Some smartphones are already shipping with in-display fingerprint sensors rather than visible sensors on the front, back, or sides of the phone. Soon we may see phones with in-display cameras as well. Chinese device maker Oppo revealed that it was developing an under-glass smartphone camera earlier this year. This week the company showed off the […]

Smartphones with cameras hidden in the display could be coming soon

Smartphone bezels have gotten slimmer in recent years as device makers move closer to offering a phone with nothing but a display on the front. But where do you put the front-facing camera on an all-screen smartphone? Over the past few years we’ve seen solutions ranging from notches and holes in the display to pop-up […]

Vivo smartphones to be first with under-glass fingerprint sensor from Synaptics

This week Synaptics announced it’s begun mass production of an under-glass, in-display fingerprint sensor and that the company is working with a top five OEM. Earlier this year we’d heard that Chinese smartphone maker Vivo was working on phones with under-glass fingerprint sensors. Coincidence? Nope. In an article for Forbes, Patrick Moorhead says he got […]