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Acer Swift 7 review: ultra-thin, ultra-light 14 inch laptop

Pick up the Acer Swift 7 (2019) laptop and you almost won’t believe that it is a laptop. It’s barely thicker than an iPhone, measuring just 9.95mm (0.4 inches thick). And weighing just 890 grams (a little under 2 pounds, it’s lighter than some hardcover books. Acer’s laptop has a 14 inch display, but it’s more […]

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Samsung Series 5 NP535 not-an-ultrabook packs AMD Trinity CPU

Samsung recently introduced a line of Series 5 ultrabook thin and light computers with Intel Ivy Bridge processors and solid state disks. But what happens if you swap out the Intel CPU for an AMD part and use a hard drive instead of a solid state disk? Apparently you can knock about $100 off the starting price, […]

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Asus introduces U32U thin, light, and AMD-powered notebooks

The Asus U32U is a new thin and light laptop from Asus. It looks a bit like an ultrabook, but measuring about 0.9 inches thick, it’s just a little too chunky to qualify. More importantly, the Asus U32U is powered by an AMD processor, and Intel owns the trademark on the word “ultrabook.” So let’s […]

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Prototype shows AMD’s answer to Intel’s ultrabooks

Most of the top PC makers have already hopped on the ultrabook bandwagon, introducing thin and light laptops with the latest Intel processors, quick boot technology, and other newfangled features. But while Intel has trademarked the word “ultrabook” it certainly doesn’t have the monopoly on ultraportable laptops. Chip maker AMD is hoping that computer makers […]

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AMD’s answer to Intel’s ultrabooks coming in early 2012?

Ultrabooks are a new class of thin and light laptops which feature Intel processors, solid state disks, and other premium features including fast boot and resume-from-sleep speeds. If you’re wondering why they need Intel chips, it’s because Intel coined the word “ultrabook” and has trademarked the heck out of it. But Intel doesn’t have a […]