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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals (2012)

If you’ve been following our daily deals updates, you’ll know that you don’t always have to wait until the weekend after Thanksgiving to get great deals on tablets, notebooks, eReaders, phones, and other mobile devices. But you probably won’t find as many things on sale from as many stores any other day of the year. So […]

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iSuppli cuts 2012 ultrabook shipment estimates in half

When Intel introduced the first ultrabook designs last year, the company predicted that by the end of 2012 the thin and light laptops could account for 40 percent of all notebook sales. But according to research firm IHS iSuppli, that’s not likely to happen. Earlier this year iSuppli predicted that PC makers would ship 22 […]

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Next-gen ultrabooks to offer 9 hour battery life, $699 cost

Intel’s next-generation Core processors will use less power and offer better performance than today’s chips. But what does that mean for ultrabooks and other notebooks that will ship with Intel Haswell chips in 2013? The folks at TechEye claim to have seen leaked documents from Intel showing the company’s guidelines for upcoming ultrabooks. Intel gets […]

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Coming soon: Ultrabooks with Dragon voice assist software

Microsoft has been including speech recognition software with Windows for a while, but apparently that’s not good enough for Intel. The chip maker partnered with Nuance earlier this year to develop voice assistant technology specifically for ultrabooks. Now Nuance has announced that the first ultrabook with Dragon Assistant Beta will ship in the 4th quarter […]

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Western Digital introduces 5mm thick hybrid hard drives for ultrabooks

One way to keep ultrabooks, tablets, and other portable computers thin is to use tiny solid state disks instead of spinning hard drives. But hard drives are generally cheaper and often come with higher storage capacities. So some companies are looking at another solution: thinner hard drives. Earlier this year Intel suggested that we could […]

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Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon gets priced in Hong Kong

Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 Carbon is one of the few ultrabooks that looks like it’s really meant to get down to business. With its trademark matte black casing, TrackPoint controller, geek-favorite keyboard, and a stunning 1600×900, 14-inch display, it really stood out from the crowd when Lenovo unveiled it back in May. A few important details […]

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Toshiba Satellite U840W Widescreen 21:9 Ultrabook Reviewed

Toshiba recently unveiled a new ultrabook, the Satellite U845W, with an unusual display resolution of 21:9. At 14 inches (measured diagonally), this ultrabook’s 1792 x 768 pixel display is sure to grab consumer attention. NotebookCheck got their hands on the European pre-production model (U840W) for review to see if the ultra-wide display is worth all […]

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Ultrabooks are selling well, driving up the cost of notebooks

Ultrabooks are thin notebooks with Intel Sandy Bridge or newer processors, decent battery life, and solid state storage for speedier performance than you get from hard drives. They’re also a lot more expensive than the last big trend in ultraportable computers. Netbooks hit the market in 2007 with prices starting at $400. Today you can pick […]

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Intel: 20 Windows 8 tablets, 50 ultrabooks on the way

Microsoft may finally be preparing to launch a version of the Windows operating system designed to run on devices with ARM-based processors. But Intel powered devices are dominating this year’s Computex trade show. During today’s Intel keynote presentation, the company showed a wall filled with 50 different ultrabooks. Those are thin and light laptops which, […]

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Intel updates ultrabook specs, unveils new ultrabook processors

Intel has introduced 14 new dual core processors as part of its 3rd generation Core family chip lineup. These processors join the quad-core CPUs the company introduced last month. While 6 of the new chips are aimed at desktops, the rest are 17W and 35W chips aimed at notebooks and ultrabooks. It’s likely that the […]