Asus Chromebook Flip C433 coming in October (it’s a lot like the C434)

The new Asus Chromebook Flip C433 is a convertible laptop with a 14 inch full HD display, an Intel Amber Lake-Y processor, and a 360-degree hinge that lets you use the computer in laptop, tablet, tent, or stand modes. Under the hood it’s virtually identical to the Asus Chromebook Flip C434 launched earlier this year… which […]

Xiaomi launches its first smartphones for the UK market

Xiaomi is already one of the world’s top phone makers in terms of shipment volume, despite not having any official presence in the Unite States. But Xiaomi sells an awful lot of phones in China, India, and other markets including Singapore, Malaysia, and Brazil. In the past year the company has opened stores in Europe […]

Xiaomi smartphones heading to the UK

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi may have gotten its start by offering cheap, Android-powered iPhone (and iOS) knockoffs, but over the past half decade the company has earned a reputation for offering high-quality hardware at low prices… and sometimes introducing truly innovative products. Xiaomi sells its phones in a number of markets including China, India, Brazil, […]

Phone maker Wileyfox is back from the dead (sort of)

UK-based smartphone company Wileyfox went into administration earlier this year, which is basically the UK version of bankruptcy. But now it looks like a licensing deal with Britsh phone maker STK will keep the Wileyfox brand alive. More importantly, TechRadar notes that the deal means existing customers will have their warranties honored. STK will begin […]

UK smartphone maker Wileyfox goes into administration (bankruptcy)

UK-based startup Wileyfox made a small splash in the smartphone space in 2015 when the company launched a line of mid-range phones that shipped with Cyanogen OS. Now it looks like Wileyfox is about as dead as the software that ran on its first phones (although Wileyfox switched to its own custom build of Android in […]

Google Home and WiFi cross the pond (to the UK)

Google’s smart home products aren’t just for the United States anymore. The company has announced that its Google Hom smart speaker and Google WiFi mesh networking router devices are heading to the UK, where they’ll be available starting April 6th. Google Home is also learning some new tricks, thanks to support for additional smart home products. For […]

BritBox launches in US: $7 per month for BBC and ITV shows from the UK

British television includes a lot of gems including classic comedy and drama programs and contemporary science fiction. Now two of the biggest names in British TV have partnered on a subscription-based service for US customers. But a lot of the most popular BBC and ITV shows are missing from the BritBox service, which launches today. […]

Budget wireless provider FreedomPop launches its first smartphone

FreedomPop is an unusual wireless provider which offers plans starting as low as, well… free. You’ll have to pay something if you want anything more than the most basic service, but it’s an interesting option for folks on a tight budget who can use WiFi to make up for the service’s less-than-stellar network coverage. Up […]

Virgin Media launches 14 inch TellyTablet in the UK

Sometimes you want to watch TV while plopped down on the coach and staring at a 50 inch screen. But sometimes you might want a smaller screen that you can pick up and carry with you to the kitchen, bedroom, or lavatory. And if you you’re a Virgin Media customers in the UK, you’ll have […]