iXonos shows off 3D interface for Meego

While I’m still not convinced that most “3D” interfaces offer any real advantages over the 2D interfaces we’re all used to on our devices, they do tend to look pretty cool. If you’re a Meego fan, you’ll definitely want to take a look at the video from Netbooknews of an iXonos concept application which we […]

Contour brings a context-sensitive interface to KDE Plasma Active

As KDE developers continue to build the device-independent Plasma Active Linux environment, other pieces of the UI puzzle are falling into place as well. Pieces like Contour, which the team bills as a “context-sensitive user interface that adapts to…current activities and behavioral patterns of the user.” As you can see in the screenshot, part of […]

Mirabyte FrontFace: Touch-friendly user interface for Windows tablets

While Microsoft has been offering versions of Windows with optimizations for touchscreen displays ever since Windows XP Tablet edition, the truth is that the whole start menu, taskbar, and itty bitty close/minimize/maximize buttons in Windows weren’t really designed for touch input. But there are a number of companies coming up with software designed to run […]