Running Ubuntu on the One Mix Yoga 3 mini laptop (Update: and other operating systems)

The One Mix Yoga 3 is a small laptop that features an 8.4 inch touchscreen display and a convertible tablet-style design. It sells for about $760 and ships with Windows 10, but one of the first things I tried doing with the tablet was to boot a GNU/Linux distribution. I posted some notes about what […]

Now you can use more Samsung phones, tablets as Linux desktop PCs

Samsung’s Linux on DeX software lets you use a Samsung smartphone or tablet as a Linux desktop computer by connecting an external display, mouse, and keyboard and running the app. When the software launched last year it was only compatible with two devices — the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy Tab S4. Now Samsung […]

Ubuntu 19.04 released with performance and display improvements (among other things)

The latest version of Ubuntu is here, and while the developers at Canonical emphasize features for developers and enterprise users in their blog post announcing Ubuntu 19.04, there are also some significant updates for end users. For example, the default version of Ubuntu is now using the GNOME 3.32 desktop environment, which offers better support […]

Entroware’s Linux laptops now available with up to Intel Core i9, NVIDIA RTX 2080

UK-based Entroware sells a line of computers that ship with Ubuntu Linux pre-installed, ranging from the 14 inch Orion, which sells for £550 ($720) and up to the 17 inch Helios mobile workstation, which goes for £1,700 ($2,220) and up. The company has just announced upgrades for several models, bringing support for up to a […]

Official Ubuntu MATE for GPD Pocket handheld PCs updated to versions 19.04 and 18.04.2

The GPD Pocket line of pocket-sized, laptop-like computers ship with Windows 10, but folks have been figuring out how to run GNU/Linux on them since day one. Last year the developers behind Ubuntu MATE made things a little easier by offering official versions of the operating system optimized for the GPD Pocket and GPD Pocket […]

Ubuntu 19.04 Disco Dingo beta now available, stable release coming in April

Like sands through the hour glass, so are the releases of Ubuntu. The folks at Canonical push out a new version of the popular GNU/Linux distribution every six months, and the next one is scheduled to ship April 18th, 2019. But if you want to get an early look, Ubuntu 19.04 beta is available for […]

Kodlix GN41 Gemini Lake mini PC is available with Windows or Linux

The Kodlix GN41 is a small, fanless desktop computer with an Intel Celeron N4100 quad-core Gemini Lake processor, 8GB of RAM, and 64GB of eMMC storage. It’s not particularly remarkable from a hardware standpoint — there’s no shortage of cheap mini PCs on the market these days. But what makes the Kodlix GN41 a bit […]

Now you can run Linux on (some) ARM laptops designed for Windows 10 on ARM

The first Windows 10 laptops and tablets with ARM processors shipped in 2018… to mixed reviews. The Asus NovaGo, HP Envy x2, and Lenovo Miix 630 are relatively thin and light devices with long battery life and support for 4G LTE. But they’re also relatively sluggish computers… especially when Windows has emulate x86 architecture to […]