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First stable build of Ubuntu for phones, tablets coming October 17th

Canonical has confirmed that the first phone-friendly version of Ubuntu will be ready to launch when Ubuntu 13.10 goes live on October 17th. The same day the latest version of Ubuntu for desktop and notebook computers is released, the first stable build of Ubuntu Touch will be available for installation on support phones and tablets […]

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Verizon joins Ubuntu advisory group: Ubuntu Phone OS coming to America?

Verizon Wireless is the latest company to join Ubuntu’s Carrier Advisory group, which suggests that the US wireless carrier could be planning to offer phones running Ubuntu Phone OS at some point. Ubuntu maker Canonical introduced the advisory group a few weeks ago as a way for wireless providers to help shape the future of […]

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Ubuntu Touch mobile OS no longer boots into Android first (but it still loads Android anyway)

The developers who have been working to bring the Ubuntu Linux operating system to smartphones and tablets have released the first builds that don’t have to load Android before they can boot into Ubuntu. Up until now, at boot, your phone or tablet would load CyanogenMod, a custom version of Android. But instead of loading […]

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Canonical announces Ubuntu Carrier Advisory Group, first 8 telecom partners

Canonical hopes its Ubuntu Touch software will be ready to ship on smartphones in the coming year. Right now you can download and install a preview build on dozens of Android-powered handsets, but it’ll likely be a while before you can buy a smartphone that comes with the OS from your wireless carrier. But Canonical […]

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Ubuntu Phone OS now supports cellular data, social sharing, more

Ubuntu Phone OS is a Linux-based operating system for smartphones and touchscreen devices such as tablets, and it’s still very much a work in progress. When the developers at Canonical started showing off Ubuntu Phone OS in January, it didn’t support phone calls, cellular data, or much of anything else. It didn’t even really run […]

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Lilbits (5-20-2013): 1TB of Flickr photo storage for free

Google’s not the only company offering new photo features to users. Yahoo is overhauling Flickr with a major update today, including up to 1TB of free photo storage for all users. Here are some of the top news stories from around the web today. Yahoo revamps Flickr, 1TB of free photo storage for everyone Yahoo […]

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Ubuntu Touch team hopes to have mostly-working smartphones by end of May

Canonical has been offering pre-release builds of Ubuntu Touch for smartphones and tablets for a few months. But these early builds are pretty rough around the edges. Not only are there very few third party apps that can run on Ubuntu Touch at the moment, but the software isn’t really stable enough to run on […]

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Ubuntu Touch preview images now based on Ubuntu 13.04, include some apps

Canonical has released the first builds of Ubuntu Touch for phones and tablets based on the upcoming Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail operating system. The new builds are also some of the first to include actual apps. There are still early test builds and they’re not designed for daily use. So if you’re hoping to turn […]

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Ubuntu Touch preview is about to get its first apps for phones, tablets

Canonical has been offering preview builds of Ubuntu Touch for phones and tablets since February. But up until now there hasn’t actually been much you can do with a device running Ubuntu Touch. That’s because the nightly builds include a user interface and basic functionality… but don’t have many actual apps installed. For instance when […]

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Australia’s Intermatrix is already taking orders for Ubuntu tablets (shipping around October)

Can’t wait to get your hands on a mobile tablet running Ubuntu, and don’t feel like making an Ubuntu tablet yourself by replacing the Android operating system on a Nexus 7 or similar device? No problem. You can already pre-order an Ubuntu tablet from Intermatrix. The only catches? The tabletswill ship from Australia, they won’t […]