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News Roundup: Hardware-accelerated video on the PinePhone, themes on the Librem 5

It’s been a busy few weeks in the Linux phone space (and a busy few weeks outside of it, which is why I haven’t had time to write much – but follow @linuxsmartphone on Twitter for more timely updates). Here’s a roundup of some recent news. Phosh 0.12.0 released [Purism] Updates to this open source, […]

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Ubuntu Touch OTA-17 brings initial support for NFC and other improvements (coming May 12, available for testing now)

The UBPorts team is set to roll out the next update to Ubuntu Touch on May 12th. While Ubuntu Touch OTA-17 won’t have as many user-facing changes as some previous builds of the operating system, there are still some goodies baked in, particularly for folks with a couple of specific devices. For example, Ubuntu Touch […]

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Lillbits: Acer’s rugged laptop and tablet, B&O’s bookshelf speaker, and Dell divests VMWare

Acer launched its first rugged laptops and tablets under the Acer Enduro brand last summer, and now the company is updating the line with a new 4.1 pound, 14 inch laptop with an IP53 certification for water and dust resistance and a MIL-STD-810H tested design and a 10 inch rugged tablet with the same certifications. […]

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Ubuntu Touch for the PinePhone is moving to a new kernel for better hardware support

Ubuntu Touch can run on dozens of smartphones that originally shipped with Android thanks to the Halium tool that allows the Linux distribution to communicate with the hardware in those phones using Android drivers. But if you’re running Ubuntu Touch on a PinePhone, you don’t need Halium since the phone supports mainline Linux kernels or […]

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Lilbits: Chip shortage, Pebble smartwatch afterlife, and mining Bitcoin with a Game Boy

The global chip shortage is leading to product delays and price increases for a wide range of products including automobiles, game consoles, and single board computers. And it could continue through much of 2021, and possibly into next year or beyond. There are a number of factors contributing to the shortage – rising demand for […]

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Ubuntu Touch port for the Fairphone 3 running Android 10

The Fairphone 3 is a smartphone manufactured using ethically-sourced materials when possible and designed to be repairable – the phone’s maker sells replacement parts and even a camera upgrade module that essentially turns the phone into a Fairphone 3+. While the Fairphone 3 ships with Android software, the bootloader is unlockable and you can install […]

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Lilbits Leaks: Walmart’s Android TV stick, Qualcomm’s next-mid-range laptop CPU, Samsung’s Galaxy A phones

Walmart’s working on a media streamer powered by Google’s Android TV software. The company hasn’t actually announced the new product yet, but an FCC listing spilled the beans. Meanwhile Evan Blass has spilled the beans on Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy A72 smartphone, Windows Future has spilled a few beans about Qualcomm’s next-gen Snapdragon processor for mid-range […]

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Ubuntu Touch OTA-16 released with improved browser, video recording, Android app support and more

The latest update to the Ubuntu Touch operating system for smartphones and tablets is here, and it’s a big update, with changes to more than a third of all binary packages in the operating system. With official releases available for 26 different phones and tablets, Ubuntu Touch OTA-16 includes a number of updates to core features of […]

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Open Source phone news roundup: FreeBSD, Google-free Android, and Ubuntu Touch

The next version of Ubuntu Touch is scheduled to launch on March 10, and the folks at UBPorts are looing for testers willing to check out the latest features, bug fixes, and more. The developers of the ExpidusOS smartphone Linux distribution that uses the Xfce desktop environment have outlined a roadmap for the next six […]

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Can a Linux phone replace my iPhone or Android device?

Google and Apple have come to dominate the smartphone space in recent years, but there are a small (but growing) number of phones that ship with GNU/Linux-based operating systems instead. At the same time, there a growing number of Linux distributions designed to run on smartphones. There are currently at least 17 different software releases […]