Next generation of Ubuntu Netbook Edition will just be Ubuntu

Canonical introduced a version of Ubuntu Linux specifically designed for netbooks a few years ago called Ubuntu Netbook Remix, which later became known as Ubuntu Netbook Edition. But now the organization is announcing that the next generation of Ubuntu won’t have a Netbook Edition. Instead, the core operating system will include some netbook optimizations. For […]

Ubuntu Netbook Edition 10.10 could replace Firefox with Google Chrome

We already knew that Canonical was planning to overhaul the user interface for the next version of Ubuntu Netbook Remix — the version of Ubuntu Linux optimized for laptops with small screens and low power processors. But now it looks like Ubuntu Netbook Edition 10.10 could also come with some new default applications. The most […]

Ubuntu Netbook Edition remixed for ARM-based smartbooks

Ubuntu Netbook Edition is a version of the popular Ubuntu Linux operating system that’s been optimized to play well with netbooks with small screens and low power processors. So far the Ubuntu Netbook folks have focused primarily on machines with Intel Atom processors — which covers most of the netbooks currently on the market. But […]

Ubuntu Netbook Edition app list undergoes revision

Ubuntu Netbook Edition is a light weight version of Ubuntu Linux optimized for netbooks. It used to be called Ubuntu Netbook Remix, but this spring it will  graduate from “remix” to “edition” status. The operating system is designed to play well with low resolution displays, limited storage capacity, slow processors, and it’s specifically optimized for […]

RealPlayer coming to Ubuntu Netbook Remix, instant-on netbook distros

RealNetworks is announcing a deal that could bring the company’s RealPlayer software to a number of Linux powered netbooks. The company is partnering with Ubuntu to bundle a Linux version of RealPlayer mobile with Ubuntu Netbook Remix. RealNetworks is also working with three companies that offer an “instant on” environment for netbooks that lets you […]

Dell is clearly at least experimenting with Google Android netbooks

Dell has yet to officially announce anything about a device running the Google Android operating system. But rumors of an Android powered Dell netbook have been floating around since software developer Bsquare accidentally(?) mentioned a Dell Android netbook in a press release a few weeks ago. Now to add fuel to the flames, Dell has […]

Etc… A few liliputing related items from around the blogosphere

Here’s a roundup of a few news items that don’t necessarily need their own post. So here, we go… presented with limited commentary: Ubuntu 9.04 Netbook Remix RC released The folks at Canonical are expected to release Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope next week. This is the first version of the popular Linux distribution to come […]