Next generation of Ubuntu Netbook Edition will just be Ubuntu

Canonical introduced a version of Ubuntu Linux specifically designed for netbooks a few years ago called Ubuntu Netbook Remix, which later became known as Ubuntu Netbook Edition. But now the organization is announcing that the next generation of Ubuntu won’t have a Netbook Edition. Instead, the core operating system will include some netbook optimizations. For […]

System76 Linux netbooks to stick with Ubuntu 10.04 for now

Canonical released the latest version of Ubuntu Linux this weekend, to much fanfare. But while Ubuntu 10.10 is the latest… not everyone is convinced it’s the greatest. Linux computer system builders System76 has decided it wont’t be offering netbooks with Ubuntu 10.10. Instead, the company’s Starling Netbook will continue to ship with Ubuntu 10.04. The […]

Canonical prepping a tablet-friendly version of Ubuntu Linux

Correction: Mark Shuttleworth says there was a misunderstanding, and that Canonical will not be developing a version of Ubuntu built just for tablets. While there are very few tablet PCs in mass production today, the successful launch of the Apple iPad has dozens of companies planning to enter the tablet space. And that has software […]

Ubuntu Netbook Edition remixed for ARM-based smartbooks

Ubuntu Netbook Edition is a version of the popular Ubuntu Linux operating system that’s been optimized to play well with netbooks with small screens and low power processors. So far the Ubuntu Netbook folks have focused primarily on machines with Intel Atom processors — which covers most of the netbooks currently on the market. But […]

Ubuntu Netbook Edition app list undergoes revision

Ubuntu Netbook Edition is a light weight version of Ubuntu Linux optimized for netbooks. It used to be called Ubuntu Netbook Remix, but this spring it will  graduate from “remix” to “edition” status. The operating system is designed to play well with low resolution displays, limited storage capacity, slow processors, and it’s specifically optimized for […]

Ubuntu Netbook Remix to be redubbed Ubuntu Netbook Edition

Ubuntu Netbook Remix is a custom user interface for the popular Ubuntu Linux distribution designed to play well with laptops with small screens. Instead of dealing with a panel and a series of drop down menus, Ubuntu Netbook Edition has a series of categories on the left side. Click on Accessories, Games, Internet, Office, or […]