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Canonical’s Ubuntu Edge phone raises $3.5 million in a day ($28.5 million to go)

Canonical wants to build a smartphone called the Ubuntu Edge that dual boots Android and Ubuntu, which has 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, and which you can use as a phone or a desktop PC (just add keyboard, mouse, and monitor). In order to make that happen, the company’s turned to crowd-funding, with […]

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Ubuntu Edge: Canonical wants to build a crowd-funded Linux/Android phone (needs $32 million in 31 days to do it)

The developers of the popular Ubuntu Linux operating system want to build a phone. It’s called the Ubuntu Edge, and you may have already heard of it. But it turns out the plans for Edge might make it the most ambitious smartphone ever designed… if it ever gets made. Here’s the short version: It’s a […]

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Is this the Ubuntu Edge smartphone? Update: Yes, it is

Canonical plans to introduce something next week, and there’s a good chance it’ll be a phone-related announcement about something called Edge. While we’ll have to wait a few days for all the details, some folks did a little sleuthing around the Ubuntu website and found a series of pictures with “Edge” in the name. And […]

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Ubuntu Edge: Next week Canonical announces… something

Canonical is preparing to make some sort of Ubuntu-related announcement next week. On July 18th the company updated the Ubuntu homepage with a 4-day countdown, a picture of a diagonal line down the center of a black rectangle, and the text “The line where / two surfaces meet.” While the company isn’t providing a lot […]