PineTab Linux tablet goes up for pre-order this month for $100

The next inexpensive, Linux-friendly device from Pine64 is coming soon. The company already sells a $100 PineBook laptop and a $200 PineBook Pro. Early batches of the $150 PinePhone are available for customers willing to invest in beta hardware. And now Pine64 says it’ll begin taking pre-orders for its $100 PineTab Linux tablet later this […]

Lomiri: Ubuntu for smartphones gets a new desktop environment (Unity8 rebranded)

When Canonical abandoned its Ubuntu for smartphones project, an independent group of developers called called UBPorts picked up the pieces of open source code and carried on. Over the last few years, the UBPorts version of Ubuntu Touch has started to diverge from the OS Canonical left behind by adding support for new devices and […]

Ubuntu Touch OTA-7 brings keyboard themes, browser improvements

The group of volunteers keeping Canonical’s (canceled) dream of Ubuntu smartphones and tablets alive is rolling out a pretty significant update this week. The UBPorts team says Ubuntu Touch OTA-7 should be available for all supported devices by Sunday, January 13. Among other things, it brings new features and improvements to the on-screen keyboard and web […]

UBports releases Ubuntu Touch OTA-4, the biggest update yet

When Canonical ceased development of Ubuntu Touch for smartphones and tablets last year, an independent group of developers formed the UBports project to continue supporting and updating the Linux-based smartphone operating system. Now the team has released Ubuntu Touch OTA-4, a major update that fixes bugs, updates software packages, adds new features and performance enhancements, […]

Librem 5 Linux smartphone will support Ubuntu Touch, PureOS, or PureOS with KDE Plasma Mobile

After raising more than $2 million last year to build a Linux-powered smartphone with a focus on privacy and open source software, Purism hopes to deliver the first Librem 5 smartphones early next year. The phone is expected to ship with an NXP i.MX8M 64-bit, ARM Cortex-A53 processor, feature 3GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, a […]

UBPorts bringing Android app support to Ubuntu phones (via Anbox)

After Canonical essentially gave up on developing Ubuntu Linux software for smartphones earlier this year, a group of developers at UBPorts decided to pick up where Canonical left off. The community-based project doesn’t have the resources of a company like Canonical, but the developers still like the idea of running Ubuntu on smartphones, and so they’re […]

UBports is keeping the Ubuntu Phone dream alive (through third-party development)

The company behind the popular Ubuntu Linux operating system may have given up on Ubuntu for phones and tablets. But as expected, third-party developers are picking up where Canonical left off. UBports was originally founded to port Ubuntu to devices that weren’t originally supported by Canonical. Now that Canonical doesn’t really support any of those devices […]