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Lilbits (3-28-2014): Microsofts reconsiders stance on email snooping

Microsoft recently made headlines for working with law enforcement to track down the source of Windows software leaks… and a lot of that press focused on the fact that the company read the emails of a Hotmail user as part of the investigation. Last week company officials defended the practice, saying they had enough information […]

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Ubi’s always-on Android home appliance up for pre-order for $219

The developers of the Ubi voice-controlled Android computer are now taking pre-orders with prices starting at $219. There are volume discounts, so you can order a 10-pack for $1399 and use them throughout the house or give them away as holiday presents… next year. The first Ubi devices aren’t expected to ship until April, 2013. […]

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Ubi envisions an always-on, voice activated Android device for your home

Most Android devices are smartphones or tablets that feature touchscreen displays. But the folks behind the Ubi project want to take advantage of Android’s built-in voice control features to deliver an inexpensive home computer that you use just by talking to it. The developers are running a Kickstarter campaign to get the device off the […]