Lilbits 400: Google’s problematic auto-policing of the Play Store and Chrome Web Store

Google has a long history of using computers to do thing that… quite honestly could probably be done better by humans. But it’s easier to scale an algorithm than it is to hire more people. And that leads to situations where an algorithm makes an obviously wrong decision that stays in place until a human […]

Razer’s $100 Hammerhead True Wireless Earbuds promise low-latency audio

Bluetooth headphones are convenient alternatives to wired options — especially if you’re using a newfangled smartphone that lacks a headphone jack. But there are some downsides. The batteries never run out on most old-school headphones, and I don’t typically worry about audio and video going out of sync when using a wired connection. Razer’s new […]

Apple launches $249 AirPods Pro noise-cancelling earbuds

Apple wasn’t the first company to launch a set of truly-wireless earbuds, but the company’s $159 AirPods have become rather iconic over the last few years, for better or worse. Meanwhile, the company’s entry into the space probably did a lot to spur other companies to launch their own wireless earbuds that compete in either […]