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Lilbits: Windows 11 inches closer, MediaTek’s new smartphone chips, and Linux smartphone news

Microsoft has rolled out another preview build of Windows 11, and while it’s mostly bug fixes, there are a few design tweaks and a new entertainment widget (which is basically just an ad for movies in the Microsoft Store). Meanwhile, MediaTek has unveiled two new smartphone processors with an emphasis on high-quality camera and display […]

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Lilbits: Google acquires company that lets you turn Windows PCs into Chromebooks (and other recent tech news)

A company called Neverware has been offering software called CloudReady that lets you turn old computers into pseudo Chromebooks since 2015. But in order to do that, the company has been using software based on Chromium OS, the open source version of Chrome OS. Now Google has acquired the company and, among other things, that […]

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As internet organizations fight for net neutrality, Virgin Media lets you check Twitter without hitting your data cap #ohwell

Net Neutrality is the idea that internet service providers (ISPs) and governments should treat all internet data equally. Customers shouldn’t be required to pay more for access to some websites than other, and ISPs shouldn’t be able to block you from visiting sites run by a competitor. Generally speaking, the thinking is that it would […]

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US election aftermath: Twitter cracks down on harassment, Facebook and Google ad networks ban fake news sites

The 2016 presidential election results have wide-ranging implications in a number of fields. In the tech world, we’re already starting to see the impact as Google and Facebook take steps to combat fake news sites (which some people blame for distributing misinformation during the lead-up to the election), and Twitter’s move to roll out new […]

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Twitter moves beyond 140 characters… at least for private messages

Twitter lets anyone broadcast their thoughts to the world… as long as they keep those thoughts to 140 characters at a time, or less. But starting in July you’ll be able to send Twitter messages that are longer… a lot longer. Users will be able to compose messages up to 10,000 characters in length. There’s […]

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Twitter launches Periscope for live video streaming from your phone

Meerkat move over… there’s another app that lets you stream live video from your smartphone and share it through Twitter. It’s called Periscope, and it’s run by Twitter. That helps explain why Twitter cut off rival Meerkat’s access to its social graph recently. So what is Periscope, and does it spell Meerkat’s doom? Taking the second part […]

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What is Meerkat? It’s like Snapchat for live videos shared via Twitter

Last week, I was all set with my popcorn and soda to watch the live stream of Apple’s “Spring Forward” event. By 10:02, the stream still hadn’t started on any of my devices, so I knew something was wrong. I logged into Twitter to see if anyone else was having a problem seeing the event. […]

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Lilbits (4-18-2013): ES File Explorer makeover, Google Games on the way

One of the best file browsers for Android finally looks like one of the best file browsers for Android. Google is apparently working on a social gaming service. A major Linux distribution is getting a major update. And Twitter and Yahoo have new apps. Here are some of the day’s top stories from around the […]

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Looking for the latest news about little computers including tablets, netbooks, ultrabooks, and whatever the heck the Raspberry Pi and MK802 are? Liliputing’s certainly got you covered. But our website isn’t the only place where we share news and tips. You can also keep up with us by following Liliputing on these channels: YouTube: Subscribe […]