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Lilbits: A handheld Nintendo Wii, a $200 OnePlus smartphone, and TuneIn drops out (one of its Pro features)

Some folks like to play classic console games by using emulators on smartphones, tablets, or handheld game systems with modern hardware. And then there’s the community of Nintendo Wii hackers who literally cut Nintendo’s 2006 game console down to size and stuff the components inside of custom cases. We’ve seen projects that put a Wii […]

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TuneIn Premium will drop audiobook streaming on January 15th

TuneIn is probably one of the most popular mobile apps for streaming radio stations, but a little over two years ago the company also launched a TuneIn Premium subscription service that lets you stream ad-free content, listen to live sports broadcasts, and stream audiobooks. Now the company is shutting down the audiobook portion of that […]

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TuneIn launches premium service with ad-free radio, audiobooks

TuneIn is a sort of one-stop-shop for internet radio stations, letting you listen to local or international broadcasts over the internet. Now the company is launching a subscription service called TuneIn Premium. For $8 per month, you get access to ad-free radio stations, live sports broadcasts, and a library of audiobooks. Like the free version of […]

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Lilbits (5-07-2014): Portal for Android (NVIDIA Shield)

Good news everyone! One of the most popular, critically acclaimed PC games of the last decade is coming to Android. There’s just one catch: while it’ll be available from the Google Play Store next week, at launch it’ll only officially support the NVIDIA Shield handheld game console. Still, there’s one more reason to buy NVIDIA’s […]

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You know what? The HP TouchPad with webOS is actually pretty nice

The HP TouchPad tablet may have been discontinued, but developers continue to write apps for the platform. In fact, there are now 1000 apps for the TouchPad, which isn’t bad since there are still fewer than 10,000 apps for webOS smartphones. Like a lot of people I picked up a tablet for $99 when they […]