Triby IO is a smart home speaker with Alexa and IFTTT support

Invoxia’s Triby portable speaker was the first non-Amazon device to support Amazon’s Alexa voice service when it launched last year. Now Invoxia is launching a second-gen model, and the company says the new model is more than just a speaker, radio, digital assistant, and speakerphone. it’s also a hub that can control home automation tasks. […]

Triby’s connected speaker with Amazon Alexa now available for $199 (or less)

Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant software lets you speak commands and questions to Amazon hardware including the Echo, Tap, and Echo Dot devices as well as Amazon Fire TV products. But Amazon offers tools that let third-party developers tap into is Alexa Voice service platform, and last year a company called Invoxia introduced the first device to do […]

Triby is connected speaker with Amazon Alexa voice features

Amazon’s Alexa voice service debuted with the Amazon Echo internet-connected speaker thingamajig and it’s now available on the new Amazon Fire TV. But Amazon’s answer to Siri, Cortana, and Google Voice Search isn’t just limited to Amazon hardware. The company has released tools to let any device maker tap into the Alexa service, and the company […]