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If Apple drops the notch in 2019, will Android phone makers follow suit?

Nearly a dozen new Android phones with camera cut-outs in their otherwise nearly full-screen displays debuted at Mobile World Congress last month. Rumor has it LG’s next flagship will also have a camera “notch.” And Google has officially added support for displays with cutouts to Android P. While the first modern smartphone with a notch was […]

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A walk through the CES Global Technology Marketplace

The 2016 Consumer Electronics Show wraps up on Saturday, and we’ve seen a lot of announcements from well-known companies including Lenovo, Samsung, Dell, HP, and Acer. But while CES is a big event for tech reporters, it’s an even bigger deal for small companies looking to connect with one another (or with bigger companies). A […]

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Liliputing in 2012: Top stories, search terms, trends

It’s been a strange year in the little computer space. When Liliputing launched in 2008, the big stories in mobile computing were all about netbooks. Over the past few years we’ve seen smartbooks, tablets, ultrabooks, and other portable devices enter the space. In 2012 pretty much every major netbook maker stopped producing new models, spurred […]