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Can’t take your laptop on an international flight? Qatar Airways will loan you one

After the US and UK announced restrictions on the use of electronic devices for passengers traveling on flights from 8 countries, one of the airlines whose passengers are affected has come up with an interesting solution. Qatar Airways will let some flyers borrow a laptop to use during the duration of the flight. The perk is […]

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US restricts electronic device usage by airline passengers from 8 countries

The United States Department of Homeland Security is prohibiting airline passengers flying from 8 countries from carrying any electronic devices larger than a smartphone into the cabin. You can still bring them onto the plane by including them in checked baggage, though. The restrictions took effect early this morning, and apply to tablets, laptops, cameras, […]

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97 tech companies file legal brief opposing Trump’s immigration ban (including Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft)

A group of nearly 100 tech companies, including many that are often seen as rivals, all seem to agree on at least one thing: US President Donald Trump’s executive order prohibiting people from 7 majority-Muslim countries from entering the US, even if they have a valid Visa, is bad for business. A group of 97 […]

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Brad’s mobile reporting kit for CES 2017

The annual Consumer Electronics Show kicks of this week, and as usual, it provides a great chance to put my personal gear to the test. I write about mobile tech on a daily basis, but the one week out of the year when I most rely on it is when I’m running around Las Vegas […]

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Amtrak to offer free WiFi on trains this fall

Amtrak is working on adding free WiFi access to all of its trains, which would certainly make traveling by rail in the US a lot more pleasant. I take an Amtrak train from Philadelphia to New York every now and again for business meetings or trade shows, and while it’s a short enough trip, I […]

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You don’t have to remove iPad, netbooks from bags at American airports

I noticed a story making the rounds yesterday about how the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) had decided that travelers would be able to keep their iPads in their bags while passing through X-Ray machines. And I kind of ignored the news… until I noticed that it’s not just iPads, but all electronics smaller than a […]