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Lilbits: Microsoft previews Windows 11 Energy Saver mode, Freewrite Traveler Ghost Edition launches (digital typewriter with a transparent case)

The Freewrite Traveler is a portable writing machine that first launched about 5 years ago. It’s basically a digital typewriter designed for distraction-free writing. It doesn’t have a web browser, a color display, or apps. It lets you type documents on a full-sized keyboard while looking at an E Ink display, and back up those […]

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CTL PX11E Special Edition Chromebook has a transparent bottom cover

The CTL Chromebook PX11E “Secure” Special Edition is a budget ChromeOS laptop with an 11.6 inch HD display, an Intel Celeron N4500 Jasper Lake processor, 4GB of RAM, 32GB of storage. Up for pre-order for $255, the Chromebook also has something you don’t often find on laptops: a transparent bottom cover that lets you see […]

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LG introduces 77 inch flexible, transparent OLED display

LG Display’s latest OLED screen combines a bunch of buzzwords: it’s big. It’s flexible. It’s transparent. And if you add all of those things up you’ve got a display that will most likely be really expensive (albeit really cool). Don’t expect to see the company’s new 77 inch transparent, flexible OLED display in home TVs […]

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Will transparent, solar-charged batteries see the light of day?

Looking for an easier way to top off your smartphone battery? There are phones that support quick charging, and wireless charging. One day there may be support for solar charging — without the need for traditional solar panels. Researchers at Kogakuin University in Japan have been working on a transparent lithium-ion battery that can be recharged […]

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ZUK’s transparent smartphone prototype paints picture of an unlikely future

Transparent display technology has been around for a few years, but there aren’t many devices you can actually buy with see-through displays. That’s because the technology probably makes more sense for large, commercial applications like retail displays than for mobile devices like laptops, tablets and smartphones. After all, even if you make the screen transparent, you’ll […]

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Samsung unveils Mirror and Transparent OLED displays

Samsung has been showing off transparent display technology for years, but now the company’s going big. This week Samsung unveiled 55 inch Transparent and Mirror OLED display panels. It’ll probably be a while before this sort of technology is affordable enough for use in your home. But Samsung figures there are plenty of uses for these […]

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Polytron is working on a transparent smartphone

Taiwan’s Polytron Technologies is developing a transparent smartphone design. The folks at Mobile Geeks got a chance to check out a prototype, and while it looks looks like little more than a few batteries sandwiched between two pieces of glass right now, the technology really does exist to make a mostly transparent phone. The glass […]

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Ever wonder what you’d actually use a transparent, flexible display for? (Video)

Samsung has been showing off concepts for futuristic displays for the past few years. Some of the company’s designs include flexible displays that you could roll up and put in a pocket or slap around your wrist and wear as a watch. Others involve semi-transparent displays, allowing you to look right through the screen at […]

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Samsung showcases flexible, transparent OLED displays

Last year at CES Samsung showed off a laptop prototype with a 14 inch semi-transparent AMOLED display. You could see the screen well enough, but you could also see through the screen to see whether your car keys are on the table or not. This year, Samsung is continuing to show off its transparent AMOLED […]

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Samsung’s crazy laptop with transparent display might ship this year

Samsung was showing off one of the coolest pieces of technology I’ve ever seen in real life at CES this year: A laptop with a fully functional semi-transparent OLED display. In other words, you can see what’s on the display, but you can also look right through the screen to see what’s behind it. The […]