TicWatch Pro uses two displays for long battery life while always-on

Most smartwatches have relatively small batteries, because putting a big one in a watch would make it thick and heavy. Unfortunately that means while traditional watches can run for months or years without needing to swap batteries, most smartwatches need to be recharged every few days, if not sooner. One method some smartwatches use to […]

LG introduces 77 inch flexible, transparent OLED display

LG Display’s latest OLED screen combines a bunch of buzzwords: it’s big. It’s flexible. It’s transparent. And if you add all of those things up you’ve got a display that will most likely be really expensive (albeit really cool). Don’t expect to see the company’s new 77 inch transparent, flexible OLED display in home TVs […]

ZUK’s transparent smartphone prototype paints picture of an unlikely future

Transparent display technology has been around for a few years, but there aren’t many devices you can actually buy with see-through displays. That’s because the technology probably makes more sense for large, commercial applications like retail displays than for mobile devices like laptops, tablets and smartphones. After all, even if you make the screen transparent, you’ll […]

Samsung unveils Mirror and Transparent OLED displays

Samsung has been showing off transparent display technology for years, but now the company’s going big. This week Samsung unveiled 55 inch Transparent and Mirror OLED display panels. It’ll probably be a while before this sort of technology is affordable enough for use in your home. But Samsung figures there are plenty of uses for these […]