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Skype Translator to bring real-time translation to Windows in 2014

Microsoft is showing off a new technology that brings real-time translation to Skype. The company showed off a demo of Skype Translator at the Code Conference this week, with an English speaker talking face-to-face over Skype to a German speaker while software recognized the words spoken and translated them into written text and spoken words […]

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Google acquires Word Lens app makers (translate with a camera)

Word Lens makes software that not only lets you translate text by pointing your smartphone’s camera at real-world objects like signs or menus… it actually replaces the text in the viewfinder with text in your chosen language. Now the makers of Word Lens will be bringing their expertise to Google, which means the technology could […]

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DIY video glasses translate languages in real-time (powered by Raspberry Pi)

The folks at Google aren’t the only ones working on head-mounted computers that can do some science-fiction level stuff. A guy named William Powell has been working on his own Project Glass-inspired systems, and this week he unveiled a prototype that can translate speech in real-time. In other words, you can hold a conversation with […]