Lilbits: Microsoft Edge gets more interesting, Chromebooks outsell Macs, and a 31.2 inch color E Ink display

Now that Microsoft’s Edge web browser is based on Google’s open source Chromium project, it behaves a lot like Google’s Chrome browser… and for the most part that’s left me wondering why you’d use Edge instead of Chrome. Microsoft has been adding features that help set its browser apart, but up until now I haven’t […]

Panasonic launches Toughbook T1 handheld and Toughbook L1 tablet

This week Panasonic added the Toughbook N1 handheld device to its line of ultra-durable portable computing gadgets. Now the company is introducing two more models. The Panasonic Toughbook T1 is a rugged handheld with a 5 inch display, and the Toughbook L1 is a rugged 7 inch tablet. Both feature shock-resistant designs, dust and water […]

Panasonic Toughbook FZ-T1 is a rugged, expensive handheld (or phone) with hot swappable batteries

Panasonic’s Toughbook line of products include rugged laptops and tablets that you can pretty much run over with a car without damaging. But a few years ago the company started making handheld options as well. The latest is the Panasonic Toughbook FZ-T1 and while it’s tempting to call this rugged Android device a phone, Panasonic […]