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Eee PC 701 with a multitouch display – Video

We’re starting to see netbook makers including Asus and Gigabyte produce mini-laptops with touchscreen displays. But one thing we haven’t really seen yet is netbooks with multitouch displays. But Johannes from Eee did spot something unusual at CeBIT: an Asus Eee PC 701 with a multitouch screen. There are at least two reasons this is […]

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Up close with Gigabyte’s Touch Note convertible tablet – Video

This week Gigabyte launched three new netbooks at CeBIT, including the Touch Note M1028, which has a 10 inch touchscreen display that can be folded over the keyboard for use in tbalet mode. Jkkmobile got a chance to check one out in person and shoot some video. You can find the video after the break, […]

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Capacitative, multitouch screens coming soon to a netbook near you?

We’re starting to see netbook makers pack touchscreens into netbooks like the Asus Eee PC T91, Gigabyte Touch Note, and Intel Classmate PC 3. For the most part these mini-laptops use resistive touch screens, which are cheaper and less clear than pricier capacitive touchscreen displays. And that makes sense, since netbooks are low price computers. […]

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Step by step guide for installing a fidohub netbook touchscreen

Hoda Technology/Fidohub have been offering touchscreen installation kits for a number of netbooks for a few months now. One of the things that sets Fidohub’s touchscreens apart from some of the others you’ll find on eBay is that the company provides instructions for installing the displays. But if you want some even more detailed instructions, […]