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HP to sell refurbished TouchPads for $99 and up Sunday 12/11/2011

HP has announced that it will offers dirt cheap HP TouchPad tablets again on December 11th. But it’s a limited-time offer and there are a few catches. The tablets will be refurbished tablets. TouchPads are limited to two per customer. All sales are final. There is only a 90 day warranty. The HP TouchPad tablets […]

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OnSale to offer (some) HP TouchPads to customers with canceled orders

When HP marked down the price of the HP TouchPad tablet from $399 to $99 last month, it went from one of the worst-selling tablets on the market to one of the best… in a matter of seconds. In fact, virtually every store that had the tablet in stock sold out almost immediately after the […]

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CyanogenMod 7 on the HP TouchPad: Nearly everything working

Update 9/17/11: CyanogenMod now has WiFi working, audio partially working, and the accelerometer working. You can find a second video with more details below. The independent developers working to bring Google Android to the HP TouchPad are making very fast progress. Just a day after the TouchDroid team showed off support for multitouch input on […]

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New TouchPad could be born from HP PC division spin-off

While HP finishes blowing out the remaining stock of its original TouchPads, there’s some interesting talk today centering around an interview by Reuters with the Personal Systems Group’s Todd Bradley. According to Bradley, there could be an unexpected result should HP decide to spin off its PC division: a new and improved HP TouchPad. Tablets […]

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HP pulls the plug on webOS: Goodbye TouchPad, Pre

HP has announced that it will “discontinue operations for webOS devices” including smartphones and the recently launched HP TouchPad tablet. The news isn’t a total shock, given the lukewarm reviews the TouchPad received and recent reports that it’s not selling very well. But it is still a rather dramatic move from a company that had […]

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You can detach Acer’s latest notebook touchpads and use them as media remotes

Acer has introduced a new line of multimedia laptops with a feature I haven’t seen before: You can remove the touchpad and use it as a touchscreen remote control. The Acer Aspire Ethos 8951G and 5951G are big, expensive laptops. They’re not the sort of computers we typically mention on Liliputing. But the touchpad/remote concept […]

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32GB HP TouchPad to run $599?

HP hasn’t announced the pricing for its upcoming TouchPad tablet line, but the folks at PreCentral got their hands on an inventory screenshot from Walmart which seems to suggest that the tablet will be priced about the same as Apple’s iPad. The image shows a 32GB HP TouchPad with WiFi for $599. That’s the same […]