Logitech Combo Touch is a $150 backlit keyboard & trackpad cover for 10 inch iPads

Apple’s new 2020 iPad Pro models will be the company’s first tablets to ship with support for mouse and trackpad input. But when iOS 13.4 rolls out to older iPads next week, you’ll be able to use those pointing accessories with most recent iPads… with no need to spend $799 or more on an iPad […]

Apple’s new iPad Pro has a LiDAR scanner and optional Magic Keyboard (with trackpad and backlit keys)

As expected, the latest version of iPadOS brings mouse and trackpad support to Apple’s tablet operating system. Oh, and Apple’s new iPad Pro makes use of that via a new optional Magic Keyboard with a built-in trackpad, backlit keys, and… a hefty price tag. The new iPad Pro also has a faster processor, improved microphones, […]

iPads may pick up trackpad and mouse support in iOS/iPadOS 13.4

You’ve been able to use keyboards with iPads for as long as there have been iPads. But mouse support? That’s a different story. The first time Apple added any support for an external mouse was the release of iOS 13, which included mouse support as an accessibility setting — but you can basically just use a mouse […]

MUJA is a gaming touchpad that sticks to the back of your phone (crowdfunding)

Mobile gaming has come a long way since the days when Tetris was the killer app. But the rise of touchscreen smartphones has presented a bit of a challenge — how do you interact with a gaming using just a touchscreen without covering up part of the display with your fingers? For the most part […]

Asus ZenBook Pro 14 is the second laptop with a “ScreenPad” rather than a touchpad

If you’ve ever found yourself looking at the touchpad of your laptop and thinking “this would be a lot more useful if it was an LCD touchscreen display,” Asus heard you. In June the company unveiled a 15.6 inch laptop called the ZenBook Pro 15 that has a secondary screen placed in the spot where […]

Leaked Asus ScreenPad details: Upcoming touch controller for Windows apps

Asus appears to be preparing to launch a new feature called ScreenPad that lets you launch and interact with some Windows applications using a touchscreen device. It’s unclear at this point if ScreenPad is an accessory that you connect to a PC, a built-in touchpad that will be included in upcoming Asus computers, or maybe […]

Sensel Morph touchpad can also be a keyboard, canvas, and more (crowdfunding)

Sure, your laptop probably has a touchpad and your tablet certainly has a touchscreen. But Sensel thinks there’s a market for a better touchpad. The Sensel Morph is a large, pressure-sensitive touch surface that you can use to tap, click, or swipe. But you can also turn the touchpad into a keyboard, a painter’s canvas, or […]