How to install (barely functional) Android on the HP TouchPad

After weeks of internal strife, the members of the TouchDroid team called it quits yesterday, effectively putting an end to that particular effort to port Google Android to run on the HP TouchPad tablet. The one good thing to come out of the ashes is that former TouchDroid member fnj001 publicly released everything the team […]

TouchDroid team disbands as CyanogenMod preps Android for the HP TouchPad

This morning there were at least two teams of independent developers working to port Google’s Android operating system to run on the HP TouchPad tablet — but there was pretty strong evidence that one of those teams was cribbing work from the other. This afternoon there’s only one team left standing. Members of the TouchDroid […]

HP TouchPad Android progress: touchscreen drivers now working

Update 9/17/11: The CyanogenMod team has made a lot of progress in the last few weeks. Since this article was posted, they’ve managed to get WiFi, audio, hardware graphics acceleration, and the accelerometer working. Android on the HP TouchPad is still a work in progress, but that work is progressing at a very quick pace.  […]