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Toshiba Thrive update fixes sleep/resume bug

Toshiba has pushed out a software update for the Toshiba Thrive Android tablet. It’s designed to fix a bug that caused problems for many users when they tried to press the power button to resume from sleep mode. You should be able to download and install the update by visiting the Service Station app from […]

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Toshiba Thrive software update to address sleep issues

Many early Toshiba Thrive customers have noticed a bug that prevents the tablet from resuming from sleep mode properly. I didn’t go into this in my recent review of the tablet, because honestly, in the week or two that I’ve been using the device I haven’t run into this problem. But if you’ve been waiting […]

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Toshiba Thrive rooted

It’s been a few weeks since the Toshiba Thrive went on sale in the US, so it’s about time someone figured out how to root the device. Rooting an Android phone or tablet allows you to access system files and settings that would otherwise be unavailable. That means you can install apps that change the […]

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Toshiba Thrive Android tablet review: full-sized ports make a difference

The Toshiba Thrive isn’t the first Android tablet to hit the streets. It’s not the thinnest, lightest or cheapest. But Toshiba’s tablet manages to stand out from the crowd in a few ways that makes this 10 inch tablet worth considering if you’re looking for a more PC-like experience from an Android tablet. Toshiba’s tablet […]

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Toshiba working on sleep/resume bug affecting the Thrive tablet

The Toshiba Thrive Android tablet went on sale just over a week ago, but early customers are already starting to notice a major with the company’s first tablet to run Google Android 3.1 Honeycomb. According to a thread at the Toshiba forums, a number of users are having trouble getting the tablet to resume from […]

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Toshiba pushes first software update to the Thrive tablet

The Toshiba Thrive tablet officially goes on sale today, although it’s been available in some locations since last week. Now some of the first Thrive owners are reporting there’s already a software update available for the tablet. The firmware update apparently improves support for multi-touch and may make some other changes as well. A member of the […]