Dynabook Satellite Pro laptops coming to the US for $500 and up

Dynabook, the company that acquired Toshiba’s laptop business, is bringing back the Satellite brand for mid-range notebooks. The company says new Dynabook Satellite Pro series notebooks will be available in the US with prices starting at $500. The Dynabook Satellite Pro C40 is a 3.42 pound laptop with a 14 inch, 1080p display, HDMI, Ethernet, and USB […]

Dynabook’s 2020 laptop lineup includes a 1.9 pound, 6-core laptop with a 13 inch display

2019 was the year when Dynabook started making new laptops under its new name after Toshiba sold its PC business to Sharp, which operates the group as a subsidiary and eventually gave it the new brand name. Now the company is preparing to launch its next generation of Dynabook laptops — including a premium thin […]

Dynabook unveils three new thin and light laptops (under 3 pounds each)

Dynabook is launching its first new laptops since changing its name from Toshiba Client Solutions earlier this year. All three weigh less than three pounds and feature Intel Whiskey Lake processors when the begin shipping in August. The new Dynabook Portégé X30 is the company’s most compact notebook with a 13.3 inch display to date, measuring […]

Dynabook Americas is the new name for what used to be Toshiba’s PC business in the United States

After scaling back its consumer PC offerings and focusing primarily on the enterprise market, Toshiba sold its PC business to Sharp last year. But that business continued to operate as a subsidiary called Toshiba Client Solutions… until now. Starting today, Toshiba America Client Solutions will be known as Dynabook Americas. That means the next time […]

Toshiba begins sampling UFS 3.0 storage (faster storage for smartphones)

Smartphone processors keep getting faster, the cameras keep getting better, and the batteries are… still there. But there’s another piece of hardware that can affect performance of smartphones and other mobile devices: the storage technology. Early phones shipped with eMMC flash storage (and some cheaper models still do). More recently phone makers started adopting UFS […]

Toshiba unveils low-latency 3D XL-Flash storage to take on Intel Optane

Intel’s Optane memory is a new type of solid state storage that offers high speeds… and which also comes at a high cost compared to NAND Flash SSDs. So competitors including Samsung and Toshiba figure there’s room to compete by introducing new types of NAND-based storage solutions that are offer high performance by NAND standards, […]

Sharp to buy Toshiba’s PC business

Toshiba has scaled back its PC business in recent years, but the company continues to offer a small selection of laptops, tablets, and convertibles, primarily with a focus on premium and business-class devices. But Toshiba’s PC business will soon be under new management: Toshiba has announced it’s selling the subsidiary that makes Toshiba-branded computers to Sharp. […]

Toshiba launches dynaEdge AR smart glasses (a wearable Windows PC)

Take a pocket-sized Windows PC, connect it to a wearable head-mounted display, and you’ve basically got a computer that you can use anywhere. That’s the idea behind Toshiba’s new dynaEdge AR smart glasses. Last year the company launched the dynaEdge Mobile Mini PC DE-100, which is an 11 ounce, 6.5″ x 3.3″ 0.8″ computer with […]

Toshiba laptops with 8th-gen Intel Core chips coming soon

Toshiba is updating its laptop lineup with 6 new models sporting 8th-gen Intel chips coming this quarter. The new Toshiba Portege X20W, Portege X30, Tecra X40, Tecra Z50, Tecra A50 and Tecra C50 are all business-class notebooks that sport Intel’s quad-core, U-series chips with Intel vPro. The Portege X20W is a 12.5 inch convertible with a […]