BLOCKS unveils Project OpenWatch: open source, Android-based smartwatch framework

There are three big names in the smartwatch operating system space at the moment: Apple’s WatchOS, Google’s Android Wear, and Samsung’s Tizen. But the makers of the upcoming BLOCKS modular smartwatch couldn’t use any of those because they wouldn’t support the plug-and-play modules BLOCKS wanted to support. So the company developed its own Android-based software. […]

Samsung Z4 smartphone with Tizen coming soon (to India and other select countries)

Samsung’s latest phone powered by the Tizen operating system is… a phone with entry-level hardware that’s remarkable pretty much only because it’s running Tizen rather than Android. The Samsung Z4 will be available in India soon, before rolling out to additional markets. But if it’s anything like Samsung’s previous Tizen-powered phones, the Samsung Z4 probably […]

User manual for Samsung’s next Tizen phone leaks (Samsung Z4)

Samsung may be planning to focus on the Internet of Things at the upcoming Tizen developer conference. But it looks like the company has at least one more Tizen-powered smartphone on the way. Tizen is a Linux-based operating system that Samsung uses for its smartwatches, smart TVs, and a handful of phones, sold under the […]

Report: Samsung’s Tizen phones, watches, TVs riddled with security holes

Most of Samsung’s smartphones may ship with Google Android software, but over the past few years the company has been developing an alternate operating system called Tizen which runs on some low-end phones… as well as most of Samsung’s smartwatches, Smart TVs, and other smart home products. Developing Tizen mostly in-house gives Samsung more control […]

Samsung unveils Gear S3 Frontier and Classic smartwatches

Samsung has produced a lot of smartwatches over the past few years, but last year’s Gear S2 has been one of the most well-received to date. So it’s no surprise that the new Gear S3 takes a lot of design cues from its predecessor. The Samsung Gear S3 has a round touchscreen display and a […]

Samsung launches the first Tizen-powered phone with 4G

Samsung’s third smartphone to ship with the Tizen operating system is somewhat oddly called the Samsung Z2. It follows the Z1 and Z3. Go figure. The new phone is launching in India, where it sells for INR 4,590 (about $68), and it’s the first Tizen smartphone to ship with support for 4ZG networks. As you […]

Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch coming soon?

Samsung has launched more than a half dozen smartwatches in the past few years, but the Samsung Gear S2 that launched in late 2015 was probably the most polished (and well received to date). Now it looks like Samsung is getting ready to introduce its successor. Tizen Cafe has posted a few images on Twitter […]

Report: Samsung confirms it’s done with Android Wear watches (Update: maybe)

Samsung may have been one of the first companies to launch a smartwatch using Google’s Android Wear software… but the company’s first Android Wear watch was also its last. Since launching the Samsung Gear Live, the company has launched half a dozen other wearables, and they’ve all used a version of the Tizen operating system. […]

Tizen is now more popular than BlackBerry OS, which isn’t saying much

There are billions of smartphones in the wild and most of them are running Google Android while a smaller (but still huge) number are iPhones powered by Apple’s iOS software. They’re not the only mobile operating systems, but they’re certainly the most popular: earlier this year IDC estimated that all the other smartphone operating systems […]