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Lilbits: Lenovo’s AMD gaming laptops, T-Mobile’s Android TV streamer

The Lenovo Legion brand may be expanding to include smartphones soon. But Legion is first and foremost a name associated with Lenovo’s gaming PCs. And the company just introduced a whole bunch of new models powered by AMD Ryzen processor and NVIDIA GeForce graphics. The Lenovo Legion 5 is available with 15 or 17 inch displays, up […]

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TiVo Stream 4K media streaming dongle coming in April for $50 (MSRP $70)

Once upon a time TiVo’s name was synonymous with DVRs… but then pretty much every cable company started offering its own DVR service and folks were left wondering why they should pay for TiVo hardware and subscriptions. TiVo has been trying to answer that question ever since… but the company’s newest product takes a different […]

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Lilbits 340: System76 to launch a new open source computer

It’s been more than a year since Linux computer company System76 announced plans to design and manufacture hardware in-house. Up until now, the company has primarily worked with OEM’s to add custom software to off-the-shelf laptop and desktop PC designs. Now the company says it plans to start taking pre-orders for a “new open-source computer” […]

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TiVo Mavrik leaks paint picture of a Cloud DVR/media streamer

Digital Video Recorder pioneer TiVo has had a rough few years as TV providers have launched their own DVRs and on-demand content from services like Netflix and Hulu have made it less necessary for TV fans to record programs for later viewing. But the company’s next product could be a device that combines a bunch […]

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TiVo Mantis hits the FCC, seems to be a DVR/media streamer

TiVo has been making digital video recorders for decades… but at a time when every cable company offers a DVR and many people get their binge-watching fill through online video sites, TiVo has been struggling to remain relevant. So what’s the company’s next move? A box that allows you to record live, over-the-air TV broadcasts […]

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TiVo Bolt DVR makes commercial skipping easier (for SOME shows)

There was a time when the name TiVo was pretty much synonymous with “digital video recorder.” But these days the company’s set-top-boxes compete with generic cable company DVRs, not to mention a plethora of internet streaming boxes from Apple, Amazon, Google, Roku, and others. So how does TiVo hope to compete in 2015? The company’s […]

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Lilbits (3-26-2015): Freeze your eReader in a block of ice

Some companies boast that their gadgets are waterproof. But what about ice-proof? Last year PocketBook launced a water-resistant eReader called the PocketBook Aqua. A year later the folks at Vido decided to see just how sturdy this thing was… so they didn’t just get it wet. They froze it solid. I first read about the experiment […]

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TiVo Roamio OTA DVR is the company’s cheapest DVR to date (for cord-cutters only)

Once upon a time the TiVo name was pretty much synonymous with the digital video recorder. But in recent years most cable, satellite, or fiber optic TV providers have offered customers their own DVR alternatives, often at lower prices. So TiVo is taking things old-school with its new model. The TiVo Roamio OTA DVR is […]