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Lilbits: Framework’s future, iMessage reactions in Google Messages, and more

Framework’s modular laptop is already one of the most repairable, customizable notebooks on the market thanks to a design that not only lets you swap out the memory, storage, and battery, but even the ports. But the makers of the laptop say they’re already working on plans for new modules for the laptop… and entirely […]

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Lilbits: Microsoft Edge gets more interesting, Chromebooks outsell Macs, and a 31.2 inch color E Ink display

Now that Microsoft’s Edge web browser is based on Google’s open source Chromium project, it behaves a lot like Google’s Chrome browser… and for the most part that’s left me wondering why you’d use Edge instead of Chrome. Microsoft has been adding features that help set its browser apart, but up until now I haven’t […]

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Tiny Core Linux 4.2 is a complete operating system in 64MB or less

Once upon a time operating systems shipped on a stack of 1.4MP floppy disks. These days most come on DVDs because the installer files can’t fit on 640MB CDs. And then there’s Tiny Core Linux. Tiny Core is a light-weight Linux distribution focused on providing a fast, small, but usable operating system. TinyCore uses just […]