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Chuwi’s 4th-gen CoreBox is a $449 mini PC with Intel Core i3-1215U and Thunderbolt 4

Chinese PC maker Chuwi’s Corebox line of computers are compact desktops that look a bit like Apple’s classic Mac Pro (but smaller and without the cheese grater finish). And they’re generally a lot cheaper. The new Chuwi CoreBox 4th-gen mini PC is set to begin shipping later this month. It has a retail price of […]

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Framework Laptop’s latest add-on is Thunderbolt 4 certification

The Framework Laptop is designed to be modular, repairable, and upgradeable. The battery, ports, display, and even the motherboard are user replaceable. And thanks to a modular port system, you can not only choose the ports you want, but you can swap them out at any time. That modular port system is designed around a […]

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Differences between Thunderbolt 4, USB 4, Thunderbolt 3, and USB 3

Thunderbolt 4 and USB4 are next-gen technologies that are similar in a lot of ways. But there are also some key differences. Both use the same USB-C connector. Both are capable of data transfer speeds up to 40GB/s. Both can deliver enough power to charge a laptop, and both can drive an external display. But […]

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USB4 specification released (with support for speeds up to 40 Gbps)

The next version of the USB protocol has been released, and as promised, it’ll support data transfer speeds up to 40 Gbps when using supported cables. That’s twice the theoretical max of USB 3.2. Now that the USB Implementers Forum has released the USB4 specification, we could start to see the first computers, tablets, phones, […]