HP ThinPro Go is a USB stick that turns any PC into a thin client

HP is introducing two new Thin Client solutions that will be available in the coming months. The HP mt22 Mobile Thin Client looks like a laptop, but it’s designed to let enterprise customers connect to a remote server. Meanwhile the new HP ThinPro Go is a USB stick that converts any existing computer into a thin […]

Fujitsu unveils a line of fanless thin client PCs with (unannounced)Intel Gemini Lake chips

Intel hasn’t officially launched its Gemini Lake line of low-power processors yet. But that hasn’t stopped Fujitsu from rolling out a new set of thin client computers powered by the follow-up to Intel’s Apollo Lake processors. FanlessTech spotted the new Fujitsu Futro S540, S740, and S940 listed on the Japanese company’s website… and according to a […]

Dell Wyse 3040 Thin Client is basically a cheap, tiny, low power PC

A “thin client” is basically a computer that doesn’t need a lot of memory, storage, or processing power because it’s designed to let you access software that’s actually running on a server, often due to virtualization technology. So we typically see thin clients in business and enterprise environments. But Dell’s newest model actually looks like […]

Dell’s tiny Cloud Connect computer learns new tricks

The Dell Wyse Cloud Connect is basically a PC-on-a-stick that runs Google Android and Dell’s custom software. There are dozens of similar devices from Chinese companies… but what makes Dell’s version different is the company’s emphasis on enterprise features that let you use the pocket-sized PC as a thin client, digital signage device, and more. […]

Run Windows apps in the cloud with Chrome OS, VMWare

Google and VMware are taking steps to position Chromebooks and Chrome OS desktops as thin client PCs that let users run Windows apps from anywhere. The companies make the case that businesses can cut down on IT expenses this way while offering users the ability to run desktop apps as if they were web apps. […]

Dell Wyse Cloud Connect launches for $129 (Pocket-sized thin client)

Dell’s Wyse Cloud Connect is a tiny device that lets you turn nearly any recent monitor or TV into a computer workstation… kind of. The Cloud Connect is an enterprise-friendly gadget that lets you run virtualization software, connect to cloud services, and generally access your work systems when you’re on the go. Dell says it […]

Dell’s “Ophelia” Wyse Cloud Client mini-PC coming soon?

Dell’s pocket-sized thin client device could be ready to ship soon. The company has been showing off its Project Ophelia device since January, and now the tiny PC-on-a-stick has passed through the FCC on its way to an official launch. Basically the little device has the guts of a cheap ARM-based computer running Google Android, […]