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Gnirehtet reverse tethering app lets your Android phone use your PC’s internet connection

Most recent Android smartphones have a built-in tethering feature that allows you to share your phone’s internet connection with a laptop, tablet, or other devices (although not all wireless carriers let you use this feature, and many charge extra for it). But what if you want to share your PC’s internet connection with your phone? That’s where reverse […]

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Chromebook Instant Tethering now works with (some) non-Pixel smartphones

Most modern smartphones have some sort of mobile hotspot feature that lets you share your cellular data connection with nearby devices by basically turning your phone into a WiFi router. But usually that means you have to manually connect your laptop, tablet, or other device to the wireless network established by your phone. In some […]

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Tether your phone to a PC without carrier restrictions with ClockworkMod Tether

Some wireless carriers in the US charge customers $15 or more per month for the ability to share a smartphone’s internet connection with a computer. In other words, if you pay for 5GB of data per month, you still have to pay another $15 per month if you want to use your phone as a […]

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You can tether a BlackBerry PlayBook to any phone, not just a BlackBerry

The BlackBerry PlayBook will come with WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities, but no built-in 3G modem. Instead Research in Motion has been promising that you’ll be able to tether the tablet to a BlackBerry smartphone to share a mobile broadband connection. But the folks at CrackBerry say that the tethering option will let you connect the […]

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Time to root your T-Mobile phone, $14.99 tethering fee kicks in this weekend

As expected, T-Mobile is about to start charging $14.99 per month for the ability to tether your smartphone to your laptop so that you can surf the web with a computer using your phone as a modem. Some T-Mobile customers have been doing this for free since Google rolled out USB tethering and WiFi hotspot […]

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T-Mobile announces $14.99 per month fee for tethering

When Google packed USB and WiFi tethering capabilities into Android 2.2 earlier this year, phone companies had to decide whether to allow customers to actually use the service to share a data connection between their phone and a laptop or other computer. While some companies simply started charging for access to tethering capabilities, T-Mobile let […]

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AT&T slowly kills unlimited data plans

First the good news: AT&T has announced that iPad, iPhone, and other smartphone users will be able to tether their mobile to a laptop and share the 3G data connection. Now the less good news: Tethering will cost you $20/month on top of a $25/month data plan, which brings the total to $45. Now the […]

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Google Android 2.2 to turn phones into mobile WiFi hotspots?

Google is expected to introduce the next version of its Android operating system for smartphones as soon as next week. Code-named Froyo, we’ve already heard some pretty cool things about Android 2.2. It will support Adobe Flash Player 10.1, and it could be more than 400% faster at some tasks. But now there’s another reason […]